Welcome to the Purbeck Campers


We are a small and very friendly group of likeminded individuals with one major thing in common,


We all love camping


We've all made an investment in a unit, whether it's a caravan, motorhome, trailer tent or tent. Why?


Because we love to get out and about without the restrictions of an hotel or B&B.


Ok so you went out and spent your hard earned cash on your unit, now you need to have somewhere to go with it! Yes there are loads of campsites, some with more or less facilities, there are the big camping clubs you can join, you could be camping with just your family, maybe with another couple. Perhaps that was your plan when you bought your unit, but then you start to run out of ideas of where to go next. Then that expensive unit you bought starts to become more of a fixture on your driveway, than the frequently used 'get away' you had in mind!


There is an answer!


Why not join a small group, who are very friendly to new members, with lots of meets on big commercial sites, farms, camping and caravanning club sites and green field sites not usually available to individuals, and all at reduced rates for a nominal yearly membership fee, we have themed meets throughout the year, even in winter.


Children are always welcome to all of our meets, often with activities to keep them busy.


Our club is based in Dorset, with meets in Hampshire, The New Forest, Dorset, Wiltshire, Somerset and Devon. Almost all of our meets are local for most members and are from Friday to Sunday, about every fortnight from Easter till October and 3 weekly during the winter. Bank Holiday weekends are usually 3 nights and tend to be further afield.

Some of the friendships forged within the club have even resulted in units holidaying together abroad!


So why not join us and make good use of your investment.

We are sure you will enjoy camping with


 The Purbeck Campers Club



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