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The Purbeck Campers Club

The Purbeck Campers Club was formed in February 2011 by a group of campers who were disillusioned with the local camping clubs as they were not able to have any control over how the club was run, where meets took place, what went on at the meets, it all seemed to be run by a group of people called the 'committee'.

The founder members wanted to create a camping group where the members had a say in the running of the club, like where we go and what we do socially. The club was set up by the members, run by the members for the benefit of the members. The PCC was set up under the ACCEO umbrella where there are rules that need to be adhered to but without the strictness of other leading clubs. Flexibility, friendliness and getting together is a major part of our Club. We welcome new members and encourage them to join in with our social activities.

Our members come from all walks of life, from farmers to accountants, ex-servicemen to chefs, people who run their own businesses and house-parents, as well as retired campers, BUT we all have one thing in common - we love getting out on the field, meeting with friends and having fun!

We guarantee that you will be welcomed by all the members and will soon be looking forward to the next meeting.

After all its all about having fun!!


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